Top phoDOGraphy - DOGS Only - Best of the Best (3/day max)**

Group Rules:

No more than 3 submissions per person per day. Any more than 3/day all the member’s submissions for that day will be rejected.

Please ensure your photo displays as the default image on the ’Artist’s Notes and Comments’ pages. Photos do not display well in other formats. You can display other formats in a comment or your description area. Your photo must be available as a print or card.

This is a photography only group and your expertise in dog photography, composition and focus is what counts in this Group.

All works must be taken and/or created by you. Texture overlays, stock images and photo manipulation are permitted, but please ensure your dog is in focus and looks natural. Please give credit to the creator if the texture or stock is not your own.

Please ensure that the dog/s is the focus of the image, not just a tiny bit of the photo that is basically focused on something else. Your dog/s should fill at least 50% of the frame. The only exception to this rule is an exceptionally outstanding, well composed, in focus, background, but the eye must be drawn to the dog. Thumbnails MUST fully display the focal point of the image or they will be rejected. This is important for featured images and when you enter the challenges. (Beware those cut off noses and even cut off heads)
Check out our gallery to see images that have previously been accepted in this Group.

Not Allowed
Extreme close-ups
Parts of dogs, like eyes, paws, noses etc.
Digital Paintings/drawings/heavy manipulation.
Cruelty, carcasses, dog fights and violence.
Blurry images. (Bokeh is fine, but your dog must be in focus and the major part of the frame)
Collages (One photo only please)
Dog heads on human bodies
Statues and sculptures. (We want to see the real thing)
Cluttered backgrounds
Weird angles. Make sure your horizon is straight.
Doggy silhouettes. We want to SEE your dog.
Human/s or parts of humans in your work.
Cards with text. – You may submit Greeting Cards with text in the default image format, but only at, or close to, the day of an event. Like Christmas, Halloween. They will be removed after the event, but can be resubmitted the following year. Greeting Cards that have been featured will remain in the ‘Featured Works’ gallery until they are unfeatured owing to having reached the maximum number of images allowed in the gallery. Other cards with text will be at the discretion of the host.

Your image may be rejected with or without a notification as to the reason.
If an image is rejected please don’t resubmit the image. It’s just not what the group is looking for. Please do not contact the host to ask why your image was rejected; just accept the decision and be gracious if your work is not accepted for any reason – it will not be personal, but solely based on suitability of work within the guidelines.

Please ensure your work is in the Group before entering challenges.
If your image has been the winner in a previous challenge in this group, enter a different image.
If you have more than one account, please only submit one entry and do not vote for your own work.

For your Information
It is a condition of this Group that members have their bubble mail activated. You can do this by going into your Account Details. Under ‘Edit Profile’ ‘Allow Users to’ check the box that says, ‘Send me BubbleMail.’

All prospective members must read, understand and agree to the group rules before joining the group and they must also be aware that rules could be updated at any time, without any notice.

Members who persist in not conforming to the rules will be notified with a final warning, which, if not adhered to, will result in that member being removed from the Group.

Members who persist in submitting images that are not related to dog photography will be requested to desist the practice. If that member continues to submit images that are not related to dog photography that member will be removed from the Group without notice.

The number of images in this Group will be kept to a maximum of 5,400 (300 pages) and the number of featured images in the ‘Featured Works’ gallery will be kept to a maximum of 180 images (10 pages). Deleted images may be resubmitted and may or may not be accepted.

These rules were updated on 13 September 2016