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Top phoDOGraphy - DOGS Only - Best of the Best (3/day max)**

RedBubble's finest Canine works..

*December Grand Exhibition!! PhoDOGraphy Features!*

polly470 polly470 1088 posts


Lynne and I would like to thank you for all the wonderful, wonderful work that you have put into this amazing group. The love that is in the images that you put on here warms the heart and nurtures the soul….thank you so, so much for all of your contributions.
This December we are having one large exhibition of work, and I hope you enjoy them all!

We would like to wish you the best of Christmas holidays, and may next year be good for all of us!


As selected by Polly

As selected by Lynne
Your images have warmed both the Heart & Soul , thank you all for being such a precious Group that is a joy to co-Host ,I love every minute
Wishing you and your canine friends all the Blessings of the Festive Season , my Love to you all

Happy Christmas everyone!
Much love,
Polly and Lynne


Vicki Spindler (VHS Photography) Vicki Spindler... 7377 posts

WOW congratulations to all!!! Stunning and beautiful images!!! Merry Christmas to you too!! :)))))))))))) x x x

AuntDot AuntDot 5431 posts

Each one is precious beyond belief! Merry Christmas to all and congratulations on the features!

Carla Maloco Carla Maloco 31 posts

Wow what stunning work.I am proud and honoured to have my work featured with the best.Merry Christmas everyone and all the best for 2013.

vic321 vic321 4 posts

Congrats to all so many beautiful images and thank you so much for featuring my work much appreciated :)

Renee Blake Renee Blake 194 posts

This is a fabulous collection of doggie images and I am so honored to have my work featured ! A big congrats to all :)

PatChristensen PatChristensen 532 posts

Awwwwww wonderful works each brought a smile, thank you for including one of mine. Merry Xmas to you and yours both as well hugs :)Pat

Dlouise Dlouise 3052 posts

Great work,,,congrats to all!!

TeresaB TeresaB 2433 posts

Huge Congratulations to all featured artists!! Such wonderful images!!!

Ginny York Ginny York 7021 posts

Wow! What a fabulous collection of images! Congratulations to everyone whos work is chosen! Thank you so much for choosing Hop In! alongside such great works Polly. I appreciate that so much! I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year! :))

jeanlphotos jeanlphotos 9229 posts

Arent these the most adorable images…Congrats everyone. Thank you for having miine among these great images..Congrats to ALL And Merry Christmas…

Meg Hart Meg Hart 41 posts

What gorgeous doggie images! Congratulations to all ~ I am delighted to be in your company! :)…Thanks heaps Lynne. :))

wendywoo1972 wendywoo1972 9 posts

Wonderful wonderful images, and I feel very honored to have my work included in here , thanks so very much Wendywoo x

Morag Bates Morag Bates 1500 posts

Thank you so much for including Snowdrop among these wonderful features, I am so happy to be among such happy and amusing images and congratulations to all for making me smile !

tinypaws tinypaws 1249 posts

Delighted to have my work chosen among such beautiful work.Absolutely beautiful work selected.
Thank you Polly and Lynne ;0))
Wishes for a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to everyone!

KanaShow KanaShow 8 posts

Lovely images! I am very honored to have a shot here! :)

Bine Bine 1137 posts

I don’t know, what to say ! Wooooooooooooow and wohoooooooooooo ! Thanks you so, so very much, dear Polly and Lynne ! What an honor to be featured among such gifted artitsts. Congrats to you all !

vigor vigor 10236 posts

What a great display of our canine friends, all are so wonderful! Thanks for selecting mine to be among them! Congrats to everyone for such a great job!!!

Edward Fielding Edward Fielding 3 posts

Great and inspiring images! Nice round up of great pet photography!

Bobby Acree Bobby Acree 4 posts

Wonderful photos! Love the creativity and quality of these images!

kristijohnson kristijohnson 146 posts

What a wonderful selection of images!! So much joy and love in them! I am very honored to be amoung these features! Thank you Polly and Lynne, it is an honor to be part of such a GREAT group!! Happy Holidays!! xxx

Kay Kempton Raade Kay Kempton Raade 634 posts

Great images. . . it took me soooo long to get to the end… just dreaming my way through!!