Pet Rodents

Group Rules:

1. Realistic Artwork only- Can have basic modifications like sharpening and cropping, but no “textured/filtered photo image” art work. Black and white photos are okay.

2. Images have to be distinguishable with no blurriness or fuzziness.

3. A maximum of 5 artworks of each individual pet (preferably with names in description) and a maximum of two pet group photos per group member. This is so we don’t have 10 or more pictures of every pet. Just your most precious shots please.

4. Pets should have their NAMES included in the description… Be proud of them :)

5. Pets can not have “human cloths” on them unless we decide to offer it as a challenge do to requests. The idea here is Realistic artwork. We want to see how the pets look naturally.

6. As much as we love RABBITS, they ARE NOT RODENTS so any pictures of rabbit(s) only WILL BE REMOVED. Please note there was some confusion about this so this rule was added.

8. No zoo or wild rodent pictures will be accepted except possibly for a future challenge.

9. Hopefully if these rules are followed, we will not have to remove any photos.