People At Work

Images and written works of people at the jobs they do every day for employment.

Recent Work

  • Colors Of India by phil decocco
  • Lifeguard Duty by Cynthia48
  • Veterinarian - Saving my best friend 1900s by Mike  Savad
  • Steampunk - Street Cleaner - The hygiene machine 1910 by Mike  Savad
  • Construction - It pays to flirt 1916 by Mike  Savad
  • Chritstmas - How Santa ruined Christmas 1924 by Mike  Savad
  • Farm Music by phil decocco
  • Whitsunday Sunset by Margaret Stevens
  • Capote Passes by phil decocco
  • Scaffold construction by awefaul
  • Death Wish by phil decocco
  • Artist: Creating by Jack Ryan

About This Group

There are so many millions of different ways of working that people do every day for a dollar, for survival in this world, just for fun, or for a passion. Some jobs we don’t even get paid for.
We want to have images capturing the many vast jobs from daily mundane jobs to the most high powered jobs in this world. From kids to adults working together to achieve a goal.

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AT WORK Challenge winner : Jean-Luc Rollier

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