Portraiture 1/24 *NO CANDIDS*

This group is dedicated to the vision, conviction, and skill of portrait photographers.


  • Is this right? by strawberries
  • Strong Arm Pinup by Jonathan Coe
  • I wish I had courage by strawberries
  • Studio Portrait by Rosina  Lamberti
  • Piercing Portfolio by docophoto
  • I wish it didn't hurt by strawberries
  • The Creative Minds ~ Sabine by ©The Creative  Minds
  • A girl and her sword. by Ashlee Hawksworth
  •  tenability/combativité... by annacuypers
  • It all makes sense to me- Diptych by kailani carlson
  • Wild life... by annacuypers
  • The apples are poisoned by strawberries
  • Yellow Aura by Karen E Camilleri
  • The Seer ... by Brian Edworthy
  • Dracovinia by BlackSunshine
  • Dracovinia by BlackSunshine
  • Bear by BOBBYBABE
  • Veiled Thoughts by Karen E Camilleri