Pentax - please add camera model - no snapshots or people

Photos only from a Pentax camera only - please add camera model - no 'snapshots' or 'people'.


  • Dew Drops On Grass by lezvee
  • 5 Chicks, 1 Egg, & a Proud Mum by Country  Pursuits
  • The Town & Market Hall by lezvee
  • Yellow Cymbidium Orchid by rom01
  • Avoca church Tasmania. by UncaDeej
  • St Helens,Tasmania by UncaDeej
  • Night Hunter by Country  Pursuits
  • Psychedelic Lettuce by BigAndRed
  • Kinglake hills from Strathewan rd Viewpoint Victoria Australia 20160613 7120 by Fred Mitchell
  • Parrot Leith Park Victoria 20160613 7119  by Fred Mitchell
  • Small flowers Leith Park Victoria  20160613 7115  by Fred Mitchell
  • Windmill out in the wheatbelt by BigAndRed
  • On The Emerald Isle by TonyCrehan
  • Thunbergia  by lezvee
  • Honey bee on chive flower, hand coloured IR by BigAndRed
  • Dead tree by BigAndRed
  • Metal racehorse by BigAndRed
  • Westfield Herron Reserve IR by BigAndRed