The Keystone State - Pennsylvania

Showcase of Pennsylvania's Rich Beautiful Heritage and Unique Subjects of Interest

Recent Work

  • Winter Lake by Gaby Swanson  Photography
  • Let the sun go down by Gaby Swanson  Photography
  • One Winter Morning by Kathy Weaver
  • Waxwing Trio by Kathy Weaver
  • Pickerel at the Pond by Kathy Weaver
  • Reflect on pittsburgh by Ntravis
  • The Weaver's Cabin by Judi Novak
  • Iron City by Judi Novak
  • General George Meade by Judi Novak
  • Century of Silence by Judi Novak
  • Pennsylvania State Memorial by Judi Novak
  • Sunrise on the Battlefield by Judi Novak

About This Group

This group welcomes all artists that share an enjoyment of PA’s rich history.

Everyone is invited to join in our activities. We have group shoots around the state where we meet fellow members to share our photography interests and get some tips and tricks to make us better photographers. We run challenges to stimulate the creative juices of our members and to try some different techniques to help hone our skills.

We also welcome members of our group to promote photography/camera clubs of which they are also a member. If you are also a member of a local club, we will be glad to provide a link to their web site.

Photography/Camera Clubs with members in the Keystone State Group:

West Shore Photography Club – Located in Mechanicsburg, PA

Above all, it’s about having fun and interacting with other group members that enjoy the Keystone State, whether living here or just visiting.

PLEASE REVIEW THE GROUP RULES PRIOR TO JOINING! Please take a few moments to read and understand the requirements for having your work accepted into the group’s portfolio. It will eliminate the frustration that comes from having work rejected without knowing why it occurred.

Welcome to the Keystone State Group!

See the group rules and join this group here