Pencil Drawing (2 per 24 hrs)

The primary aim of this group is for artists to show off their drawing skills, aswell as gain valuable techniques and tips on using pencils.

New Features: Sunday May 27, 2012

mikephiloshea mikephiloshea 77 posts

This time I chose 6 human portraits and 6 different subjects. Congratulations to the featured artists and all those who contribute with their works to make big this group. A huge thanks to all my friends.

Sergei Rukavishnikov Sergei Rukavis... 147 posts

Thank you very much, Michele. Congratulations to all featured artists

Sue Nichol Sue Nichol 2767 posts

Great work

Damian May Damian May 62 posts

Thank you so much

braik tiberiu alexandru braik tiberiu ... 13 posts

awesome works