Pencil Drawing (2 per 24 hrs)

The primary aim of this group is for artists to show off their drawing skills, aswell as gain valuable techniques and tips on using pencils.

How do I add a drawing to the group?

Tony Sturtevant Tony Sturtevant 2 posts

Sorry for the probably stupid question, new here and all that

ria gilham ria gilham 70 posts

just under your pic, you click on edit, then under that you click on add work to groups (red box).
then you tick the boxes of all the groups it fits into, then click the red box that says save changes to my work
my problem is usually finding groups my work fits into!

good luck, & look forward to seeing it!

ria gilham ria gilham 70 posts

oops! add work to groups is a blue box!

Kamila  Krizova/Aitchison Kamila Krizov... 7 posts

Yeah, but even before u do that u must join the groups u like to be a member of.
You just go to group u like and then click on red button JOIN GROUP . It took me a while to work things out, I m pretty new here aswell.
Good luck x