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Interview with Sandra O'Connor

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Sandra O’Connor Come visit my page

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/ Let’s talk a little bit about yourself

I’m married to Derek and this year we will celebrate our 25th Anniversary. We have two grown up children who have now left home and we live just outside Edinburgh UK in a very beautiful rural spot.

/ Do you own any dogs, Cats?
We own 3 gundogs now. We always had a dog each, two Large Munsterlanders called Connor and Quinn for the adults, and two Springer Spaniels Taz and Jasper for our two children.
We got the puppies for our children when they were just 6 and 7 years old and now they are 20 and 21. So very old Springers now and sadly we lost our daughters dog Jasper in November last year at 13yrs.

 I have always had Springers and Munsterlanders and over the years have been an obedience instructor, competed in obedience, agility and breed shows, including Crufts with my first Large Munsterlander. We now have pet dogs that love country walks, playing in the snow and naps in the sun in summer.

/Do you have any pictures you wish to share with us?
I love these 3 pictures of my dogs as their characters shine through.
Connor and Quinn – great friends

Taz – always in need of a haircut

Jasper – missing him greatly

Aww sorry about your lost he look so sweet on that picture. And there are wonderful pictures of greats .
So tell-me, What Equipment do you use when you are photographing your pets?

– I use a Canon 40D, generally with a 50mm lens for the dogs. I am self taught and love to take all sorts of photographs.

/Where does your dog or cat sleep at night?
The dogs all sleep together in our big kitchen on their ‘Tuffies’ dog beds – they are amazing for dogs that are usually wet and muddy! and keep them lovely and warm.

/Do you have a favorite story about your dog/cat to share with us?
When Taz was a young dog I remember we went to bed one dark winters evening and when I went in the bathroom, for some unknown reason, when I turned on the light
– there was Taz stood in the bath. I have no idea how long he had been there or why he was there, neither did he I think – so funny :)
Quinn is the clown of the group
– his favourite pastime is to not just to stand in muddy puddles but to lie down and roll in them, even flicking his nose under the mud to ensure every single bit of him is covered.
We have extremely happy dogs that love to have a good sing song howl every day
– an amazing sound, sadly one voice is missing from the group now.

Awww!! There always been love story between mud and our cherish 4paws family members.

Thank you so much Sandra for the Interview.
And keep on shooting good pictures of your babies, and creating great works on our Bubbles.

Again Congratulations for your T-Shirt. Strong message simple way to pass it on.
Thanks for sharing with us.


Susanne Correa Susanne Correa 1511 posts

Congratulations Sandra, great interview and I am sorry to hear that Jasper is gone. What a great shirt I love it :)