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Paws n Claws....All Animals

Anmals Only!!! 2 PER DAY....

Congratulations to the Special Monthly Features!!!

Susanne Correa Susanne Correa 1511 posts

Hello Pet Lovers!

Unfortunately we’ve been extremely busy lately and have not had a chance to do the monthly News Letter. I’m so sorry!! …but I have been busy for a good reason if that matters….I’ve been extremely busy with the local Humane Society…lol I work at a Thrift Boutique that we have opened here and we’ve been so busy lately….I’m only supposed to be working 4 hour shifts, but we had a flood and had to move to a new location which we did in one day and were open for business the following day. UGH!!! That was a very very long weekend. lol Now we are still working on the shop, putting out the fall attire, packing the summer stuff away, etc., etc., etc.,….busy busy busy!!

For those of you just coming on board and are not aware of what the SMF’s (Special Monthly Features)are here is a little blurb about them:


Each category winner of the SMF’s will receive a card of their choice (within the group) purchased by the hosts. As soon as the winners make their choice of cards we will be sure to let you all know of their choice.

Please be sure to congratulate the members for their outstanding work.

These images will be displayed on the home page for the month as well as receive a banner and be given their choice of a card to be purchased for them.

CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE!!! All of the work is so well done and well deserving of this and much much more. Keep up the great work.

Drum Roll Please ~~~~~~ And the winners are~~~~~~~~~:





Anna Larson Anna Larson 211 posts

All are adorable… Congratulations to everyone… :)

Hidemi Tada Hidemi Tada 213 posts

thank you very much for featuring my work. you gave me an honor.

Cheri Perry Cheri Perry 880 posts

Congratulations to all the winners of the Special Monthly Features! All the works are Fantastic.

BarbBarcikKeith BarbBarcikKeith 480 posts

Thank you for featuring my work and congrats to all the other winners!!

Susie Peek Susie Peek 1104 posts

Many congrats to all ~ outstanding work! susie

EvaAn68 EvaAn68 1357 posts

Congratulations winners! Very well deserved. Such beauty! :D

Linda Hardt Linda Hardt 51 posts

Thanks so much for this wonderful honor!! I truly appreciate it!

Congratulations to the DOG, CAT and ART winners on your fabulous images!! Well done!!!

Gloria Abbey Gloria Abbey 165 posts

All so deserving…Congratulations.

karentillotson karentillotson 92 posts

Congratulations ALL!!!! fantastic work!!!

Susanne Correa Susanne Correa 1511 posts

Congratulations to all, as always a tough choice, well deserved!

drawing4art drawing4art 27 posts

Congrats to you all, very well deserved.

cherisong cherisong 1 post

All excellent and very deserving winners.

DigitallyStill DigitallyStill 53 posts

Congrats to all. Fantastic work.

KerrieT KerrieT 4 posts

Thank you so much for the honor!! Thank you!