Pale Pastels & Whites

This group is all about pretty pastel colors and pure white images only (Image must be 95% or more pastel or white) - Basically the image must be almost completely white or pastel colors, or a combination of the two.

Lovely New Features !

Morag Bates Morag Bates 1518 posts

It has been a pleasure to do the features for the second time since becoming your new Host. Please drop by and have a look.

Thank you to all Members for continuing to support this lovely Group and congratulations to everyone.

Click the banner below to view

AuntDot AuntDot 5430 posts

Absolutely gorgeous selection, Morag! Congratulations to the talented featured artists!

PhotoTamara PhotoTamara 39 posts

Great selection indeed ! Congratulations to all featured artists, well done :)

Qnita Qnita 5681 posts

Thank you for the feature! It is wonderful to be among so many lovely works!
Congratulations everyone!