I ♥ Patterns

‘I ♥ Patterns’ is a group dedicated to all of those out there who are in love with patterns.


  • SteveOhlsen

    Night Visits by SteveOhlsen

    Threat? What made him think that? ……it was just a car that would occasionally come by, sit for a few minutes, then leave. ……….he couldn’t be sure there was anything criminal……….

    8829 words
  • SteveOhlsen

    Too Many Bones by SteveOhlsen

    He saw only the shadows and silhouettes of the elderly trees and weathered gravestones that were dimly illumined under an October half-moon, nothing more. What had he expected to see, he wondered?

    1537 words
  • James Watson

    Ode To Line by James Watson

    the line fades

    26 words