It’s a tee. It’s a dress. It’s the new Graphic T-shirt Dress.

I ♥ Patterns

Group Rules:

  • A pattern must consist of a tiled motif that repeats in a geometrically predictable manner.
  • The pattern must be obvious as the majority of the image.
  • There is no limit to the amount of works you are permitted to contribute however we request that you do not flood the group. Moderators will use discretion in approving works submitted in bulk from the one member.
  • Fractal work must conform to the first rule. We will not accept fractal works that are not presented in a pattern.
  • Moderators will exercise discretion when moderating the quality of the works submitted. We request that members upload their very best work only to maintain a high standard.

Here are some examples of what we seek for I ♥ Patterns:

Your work will be moderated and if no pattern appears, it will not be accepted. For more information on how we accept and reject work, please read through Why was my image rejected from I ♥ Patterns?


If you have any queries or quandaries please do not hesitate to send us a BubbleMail or ask a question in the forums.