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I ♥ Patterns

‘I ♥ Patterns’ is a group dedicated to all of those out there who are in love with patterns.

Fabric design site

Agnes McGuinness Agnes McGuinness 183 posts

For anyone interested in creating and selling fabric designs, here is a link to a very interesting site that prints your designs on fabric for you to buy. Or you can sell your designs as fabric to the public. Spoonflower

jemimalovesbigted jemimalovesbigted 386 posts

Hey Agnes, thanks for the link.. I have an account on there but haven’t printed anything as yet. Do you have a folio that you can share with us too.

yvil1 yvil1 460 posts

I have an account also but before you can sell something you have to buy a “proof” for yourself (min US$5) to check if the color and the material good enough for printing.


DimeStoreDiva DimeStoreDiva 22 posts

Thanks for the info Agnes, I checked out the site & also searched out other sites under “printing your own digital fabric.” Their seem to be a number of follks out there doing this too.