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Brightness In Blue Brilliance ~ASA~ 5-11-2014

- nawroski - - nawroski - 974 posts

A Gift for the Spirit by Paolo Uberti

Jigsaw by blacknight

3138 by peter holme III

Abstract 4768 by Shulie1
kernel cloud by Richard Davis

Rainbow Heart Star by Tehaya

0565 Abstract Thought by chownb
Scatterbrain by Sarah Jarrett

Lullaby by Catrin Welz-Stein
Insomnia by IrisGelbart

0140 Abstract Thought by chownb
The Light of Being by Scott Mitchell

- nawroski - - nawroski - 974 posts

Congratulations all on your blue brilliance!

Tehaya Tehaya 17 posts

Congratulations to all the artists whose work is featured here! It is an honor to he included with you and your fine works!

tori yule tori yule 7358 posts

Brilliant gallery, Andy. Perfectly curated.
Congratulations to our featured artists!
Your work is outstanding.

floatingpilot floatingpilot 432 posts

Very eye-catching! Congrats to all featured artists! Gorgeous creations!

wormink wormink 1948 posts

congrats to all enjoy and create

Richard Davis Richard Davis 13 posts

Thank you for featuring my artwork.

chownb chownb 65 posts

Congrats to all featured artists and many thanks to Andrew for featuring my works !!!

Alison Gilbert Alison Gilbert 637 posts

Brilliant gallery for the blues!! Congratulations all!

IrisGelbart IrisGelbart 155 posts

Congratulations to all…

Cindy Schnackel Cindy Schnackel 4713 posts

Cool works, everyone, congrats!

Shulie1 Shulie1 202 posts

Many thanks for including my work in this wonderful collection – Congratulations everyone!

peter holme III peter holme III 786 posts

thank you andrew !

tori yule tori yule 7358 posts

Your Brightness In Blue Brilliance has 239 views, Andy! Wow!
Great work on this, Andy!!
Someone loves this gallery!

Tere Troya Tere Troya 545 posts

Congrats to all the blues works !