Your Very Best Work

Split with Beautiful Green ~ASA Features~ Jan 29, 2013

- nawroski - - nawroski - 906 posts

- nawroski - - nawroski - 906 posts

Congratulations to all featured artists, your work is stunning – I am green with envy.

tori yule tori yule 7094 posts

You are so creative, Andy. You have delightfully curated these features.
Congratulations to our featured artists. Your work is wonderful.

David Kessler David Kessler 105 posts

Congrats to all you talented people!!! Not sure how I snuck in here!

David Kessler David Kessler 105 posts

WOW, I got three pieces in here….I must have died and gone to heaven!!!!

- nawroski - - nawroski - 906 posts

Hurray some comments at last :)
Thanks tori! went for the beautiful green feel.
You snuck in David due to being a talented artist, congratulations on your feature.

Bunny Clarke Bunny Clarke 2072 posts

Thank you for this honor. Congratulations to all the featured artists. :o)

frontofbicycle frontofbicycle 285 posts

Merci, and congrats to all!!

Bernhard Matejka Bernhard Matejka 4276 posts

congrats to all!

Pamela Phelps Pamela Phelps 1695 posts

Wonderfully create works of art! Congratulations to the members featured here today! Thank you to the hosts for including my work!