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If You've Got the Time I've Got the Place ~ ASA Features ~ Dec 5, 2012

tori yule tori yule 7139 posts
I thoroughly enjoyed digging deep into our gallery to find outstanding work that was never featured at the time. We have a huge gallery with the most amazing, creative, funny, and beautiful art. It was a pleasure to rediscover them. I hope you enjoy these as well as the new art featured today. Keep creating and submitting your abstract/surreal art. We have a fantastic group, with the best artists around.
tori yule tori yule 7139 posts

Congratulations to our featured artists!
The creativity of your work is astounding.

titus toledo titus toledo 227 posts

every work, every bit deserving. big hand: hi ho!

Karen Gingell Karen Gingell 71 posts

great re-discoveries great to see them all

Alan Kenny Alan Kenny 73 posts

Thank you very much Tori,congrats to all

Susan  Kimball Susan Kimball 477 posts

Thank you so much Tori for including me with such great work! I am very honored!!

Jerry Kirk Jerry Kirk 114 posts

Thank you so much for including me. Congratulations to all of the Featured Artists!

Redilion Redilion 10 posts

Thank you for the feature! Congratulations to all artists!

© Janis Zroback © Janis Zroback 6621 posts

Thank you so much for including my work with these wonderful features…

- nawroski - - nawroski - 918 posts

All great features one & all!! thank you for including my work.

Stacey Lazarus Stacey Lazarus 86 posts

Thanks Tori, Very glad to have my work included with this great selection of art!
Congrats to all the other featured artists!

Rich Ladig Rich Ladig 50 posts

To rediscover can be the greatest discovery of all :)
Thanks so much Tori and artists for the repeat performance!

agnès trachet agnès trachet 141 posts

wow it’s great!I am honored to be part of this selection!congrats to all!!and thank you very much Tori!!

erichbiemer erichbiemer 311 posts

congratulations to all those featured…..well done all…

wormink wormink 1821 posts

congrats to all enjoy and create

tori yule tori yule 7139 posts

Thank you all so much for your support, We love to hear from you!