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Your Very Best Work


linaji linaji 6573 posts

O Livro sem Título.
by marcarambr

Lighter Than Air
by Matthew Ballard

Unlock My Soul
by Carmen Holly

No Title 68
by Headcrime

The Robber Bride Moon II
by Bethalynne Bajema

getting of wisdom
by shadowlea

Portrait of a Lexus Liberal.
by Nawroski :

by Franck Balestracci

by Transcendental Mirror

Crystalline Reflections 15
by Richard Maier

Crimson 16
by Anivad – Davina Nicholas


wormink wormink 2165 posts

rock & roll enjoy and create

Marcel Caram Marcel Caram 83 posts

All works are beautiful !
Thank you . I am honored.

Whimzwhirled Whimzwhirled 15 posts

Congratulations! A great collection.

Carmen Holly Carmen Holly 302 posts

Great gallery of works & thank you so much to place one of mine among such talent. Congratulations to all.

shadowlea shadowlea 1228 posts

Awesome collection and am humbled and honoured to be included thank you Linaji and a big congratulations to everyone

Andreav Nawroski Andreav Nawroski 1163 posts

Thank you for the feature linaji! all the work here is wonderfully brilliant done by good artists.
Regards Nawroski

tori yule tori yule 8327 posts

Congratulations to all!!
Great art and great layout, Lina!!

linaji linaji 6573 posts

Wow you all, I have to say the word…. “Proud” I finally got a group that works… This has been going on for now 4 years with 2 changes this being the second change and I so so love it. Members All… thank you for submitting such amazing works of art.

To our recent members chosen for the features… wow you so good…hehehe

Oh and everyone?

Mel Brackstone Mel Brackstone 2392 posts

What fabulous choices, and what amazing talent you have here!! Congrats everyone!

Karen Gingell Karen Gingell 85 posts

These are all so creative and imaginative – my brain’s working overtime – terrific stuff

Anivad - Davina Nicholas Anivad - Davin... 106 posts

What a selection of amazing works, I am so pleased that my work is featured among these fantastic images and congartulations to all!

linmarie linmarie 2210 posts

my goodness sake,, wow.. what stunning , unique and jaw dropping art works. congratulations everyone!

Ann Morgan Ann Morgan 282 posts

This is a wonderful selection of art work. Congratulations to all who were featured!

linaji linaji 6573 posts

Hello all!!! Wow faces I adore to see here in the gallery!
linmarie, Anivad (thanks, we love this work of art), Karen and Mel… wow this is wonderful for our group… hope you all are submitting as I know your work is crazy good. Thanks so much for stopping in and letting the chosen featured artists know you appreciate!!

Richard Maier Richard Maier 78 posts

Thanks for including my work in this wonderful selection! Congrats to all!

NewfieKeith NewfieKeith 1788 posts

Awesome Congrats To Everyone!!!

linaji linaji 6573 posts

Richard and Keith… I love having you here and appreciate your energy! Thank you ;-)

KEIT KEIT 29 posts

Thanks a lot! Congratulations to all artists :)


congrats to all.

MarieG MarieG 445 posts

Gorgeous images…pure inspiration!! Congratulations to all…exquisite stuff!

linaji linaji 6573 posts

Hi Keit, Nikulethsh and Marie.. wow I so love your showing up and thank y0u, this is such a pleasure to put together!