As the title suggests, this is a group to display all your Paris related art.


  • Parisian Stair by rosiemaddra
  • Garcon! by Douzy
  • My view from just inside Le Bucheron by Victor Barker
  • Tartine by Victor Barker
  • just a backdrop by jayview
  • Un après-midi stoll by David Harris
  • Stained Glass by Melanie  Dooley
  • Paris  by Caprice Sobels
  • Enfant Eiffel by Caprice Sobels
  • Say A Little Prayer by Melanie  Dooley
  • Care free in Paris by David Harris
  • The more I understand, the better I see! by David Harris
  • A little place I know by David Harris
  • End of the Day by Kelsi Doscher
  • Rainy day in Paris by Timana
  • Flowers and Architecture by Gabrielle Battersby
  • positioned by jayview
  • Cycle Sprinting by photobymdavey