*PARALLEL Dimensions*

Group Rules:

The works to this group are moderated.
Works we feel that do NOT fit with the groups theme will NOT be accepted.
If your work is rejected by the group hosts please do not keep resubmitting it as this could result in you being removed from the group.

No depictions of violence or use of weapons

Also please note:
There are groups on redbubble for fractals, patterns and abstract art so please LIMIT THESE WORKS AS ONLY LIMITED NUMBERS OF SUCH WORKS WILL BE ALLOWED. Even though they may fit the groups theme to some extent it is preferred that the group be devoted to more diverse and creative artwork.

Please do not upload multiple versions of the same image or similar images from a series (other series work may be allowed)

Our artwork amount is unlimited, as we do not wish to put too many limits on you, but please do try to limit this to a reasonable amount per day e.g., 3 pieces of art, thank you.

Otherwise welcome!