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Any sales anyone?

Manana11 Manana11 168 posts

It’s really interesting discussion!! Thanks Lutz !
I consider myself not commercially successful artist!))…. but now I see that was doing quite good “money” (almost 7-9$ in about 2 months))
Before RB I have had such experience in FAA (Fine Art America), but after couple of months of membership left it (my income in FAA was 1.50$ from a single sold card)) By the way it was great to meet Mary here I know her from there)
I think these type of discussions are really useful and will help to find a solution on how to promote own art..

Mary Sedici Mary Sedici 6160 posts

Manana – thank you for nice comment (meeting me on FAA).
The difference between seeling on RB and FAA:
♦ FAA pays every 15th of the month, no matter the amount
♦ RB pays when on achieved the grand total of $20 – which to some would never occur. Thus, rb is left with a tone of unclaimed money. Yes, one can claim the amount if pays about $5 as fee.
I bet there are local prining shops which can do same quality printing – at least of cards, as rb or FAA does. Anyone tried?
Personal printer? Oh, no, I am the most unlucky with them. I had once a good one, but not for art printing.

Cindy Schnackel Cindy Schnackel 4952 posts

Mary, a question, has RB’s terms changed to where they pay when you reach only $20 increments now? If so, I have money coming…I thought it was still $100 increments. Yes, they can sit on this money for a long time and it’d be NICE if it was lower.

I believe a person could get a better deal on printing cards at a local shop, but then you’d have money invested in printing, and have to sell the cards on your own which would take time and possibly more money. If a person is good at selling, then that’d be the better deal. Im not a sales person so I avoid any kind of selling other than selling orignal work thru galleries. Anything I sell on RB is icing, but I would be very surprised if I ever sold in enough volume on RB to amount to much. The percent we get is just too small. And that’s ok because it’s print on demand and they front all the costs and risks…we don’t. Plus it’s a good way to have our work online for free! I’d only get a bunch of my own work printed up locally if I wanted to use it myself in volume, like promotional material, business cards, etc.

Ivana Pinaffo Ivana Pinaffo 875 posts

This is a very good topic. I am new in RB and therefore still learning the different ways of making this work for me. As many others I refer my clients and friend to it and beacause it is so well displayed it has been good. hopefully the sales will come from this.

Mary Sedici Mary Sedici 6160 posts

Ivana, you will have sales very soon . Your work is fantastic, really, I mean it.
What I would advice you all, is to get with artist of other media. Post comments on their work and let you be known.
I did not post it, also I should, to make the buyers feel good, I sold recently some cards to rb members who are creating the most fanstastic digital art.
I was just mesmerized that people who are creating that colorful marvels are buying art from painters.
Then I sold two cards of Ganesha, but the buyer was unknown. I have to go back to the receipt of my sales… I trully forget things (getting older) :))

In other words – market yourself on the site. You will never know who fells in love with your work….
Besides, I have a plan, just don’t have yet the time to put it together, but it’s comming sonn. Hopefully we will have a lot of participants.
All I can say, prepare a jar, and start throwing in your pennies.

Alison Pearce Alison Pearce 719 posts

I have sold 3 cards and one laminated print. As a beginner/outsider, I was surprised each time, I simply wish now to get over that seemingly insurmountable ten dollar mark so that Redbubble will pay me and I can finally say, “See! I’m a professional!”

Mary Sedici Mary Sedici 6160 posts

I am wondering how sales are going on? Anyone wanting to share with us? Personally I sold few cards, which I am grateful because of feeling it gives to see your work been found and appreciated.
On the other hand, I saw RB banners on some sites, advertising stickers. I am wondering if anyone in this group makes them. Is this the new trend now?