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Mary Sedici Mary Sedici 6151 posts

Dear ALL

I wish all members who are celebrating today, a joyful and Happy Easter. We will be observing this holiday for another week. As probably many of you know, the Orthodox Easter falls one week later, on April 15th. Today Orthodox celebrate Palm Sunday.

♦ The Group’s Homepage Features are dedicated to the observance of this Holiday. (to see them, scroll down on the page, under the Featured Members)

♦ It would be interesting to find out what are the customs for this Holiday in your country – such as food, activities, etc. Please share them with us.

Malerin Sonja Mengkowski Malerin Sonja ... 7 posts

looks great… :-) Sonja

Pam Amos Pam Amos 3619 posts

Happy Easter to all…….:)

edy4sure edy4sure 672 posts

Happy Easter Everyone! :)

Karen L Ramsey Karen L Ramsey 122 posts

Happy Easter to all! Blessings all! :)

TokikoAnderson TokikoAnderson 488 posts

Happy Easter to u too Mary. ♪♪Here comes Peter the cottontale hop and down the bunny trail♪♪.

Beatrice Cloake Beatrice Cloake 9133 posts

A very delayed Happy Easter Mary and to you all

nellaevad nellaevad 582 posts

happy easter to all

Yuliya Glavnaya Yuliya Glavnaya 64 posts

Happy Easter to everybody! Blessings to you!

Mary Sedici Mary Sedici 6151 posts

To those who are celebrating Easter today.(April 15th, 2012)

kseniako kseniako 246 posts

Happy Easter!!!

kseniako kseniako 246 posts

Happy Easter!!!

EllenCoffin EllenCoffin 19 posts

Looks beautiful Mary. A lot of care and love in your choices. . Congratulations to all the great artists involved, and to all a renewing, transformative Easter!