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Mary Sedici Mary Sedici 6168 posts

Dear Members….AND NON Members of this Group.
Please join to post a comment. You are all welcome.

Each day I am posting in the Forum information I believe can useful for you. I am trying to keep up Communication, which I believe is the Key To Success.
I am expecting some feed back, I feel I am alone here, just filling out the Moderation stuff. Please come join me…

Dianne  Marega Dianne Marega 2 posts

Hi Mary.

I tried to email you to say thanks for letting me know about the need to post images within each of my groups. Unfortunately it didn’t seem to want to send a message. As you may be aware I have recently joined Red Bubble. I haven’t entered the Forum area as yet. Thanks for the reminder.

Thanks for keeping us all in the loop.

Much appreciated.


Dianne Marega

Barbara Applegate Barbara Applegate 459 posts

Hey Mary, we’re really all here.
I think sometimes people just lurk they read and absorb but don’t comment.

Mary Sedici Mary Sedici 6168 posts

@ Hello Dianne, thank for joining. I try to run a Tutorial Campaign. Lately visiting artists’ gallery I observed they joined many groups, but than when checking on a work, I observed that works doesn’t belong to any Group (check under work description). Having your work in multiple groups is like showing your work so many times…. I really don’t know how to explain it more clearly. I will try, and I will do so until needed :)

@ dear Barbara, I like your new Avatar, cute, cute. I like comments, weather positive or constructive criticism. This is how we can grow. When I say grow I understand more quality than quantity.

Beatrice Cloake Beatrice Cloake 9332 posts

I would agree with Barbara, people read the comments but sometimes do not add some of their own.
Carry on doing the good work, we are behind you.

Mary Sedici Mary Sedici 6168 posts

Thank Beatrice, I very hope you all are behind me :) But I really like comments, bad or good, or just a simple hello

AngelaLegge AngelaLegge 23 posts

Hi Mary, yes, I am guilty of reading and flying off to response to comments and feedback congrats..sorry, thanks for hosting, great work… :) Ange

Mary Sedici Mary Sedici 6168 posts

Thank Ange, nice to having you here. Just drop by time to time :)

Gordon Stead Gordon Stead 296 posts

Hullo !
You are a wee star Mary ! well, ..a BIG star really ! xxx

Kathleen Duronio Kathleen Duronio 9 posts

Thanks Mary I am very new to all these things and don’t have a lot ot time to participate but really enjoy it when I do.

cheers thanks for keeping in touch

lanadi lanadi 164 posts

Hello! Another lurker here, just learning my way around the site, sooo many things to read! Thanks, Mary, for keeping up with moderating and updating us on all the group news – very much appreciated!

Carolyn Bishop Carolyn Bishop 158 posts

Thanks for all you do, Mary! I’m loving it!

Mary Sedici Mary Sedici 6168 posts

Thank you so much dear Carolyn. The Members of this group are Fabulous Artists and Supporters, I am very greatful of having you all here.

Michael Jones Michael Jones 45 posts

Thanks to all of you good people who voted for my image: ’She’s Wearing Her Cooking Dress’ in the recent WOMEN challenge.Happy painting, cheers, M

Mary Sedici Mary Sedici 6168 posts

Congratulations Michael for winning the challenge. Votes clearly show the best outfit for kitchen :))

Ayan Ghoshal Ayan Ghoshal 22 posts

Thank you Mary…we are with you !!!!

Ivana Pinaffo Ivana Pinaffo 1038 posts

Thanks dear Mary for all you do for the group. I am new in RB and slowly i am getting to understand the system therefore I will try my best to follow the forum.

murphy333 murphy333 164 posts

Thanks Mary for all your input and updates. It really helps us newbies to stay in the loop

Kay Clark Kay Clark 893 posts

Hi Mary, I am fairly new to RB , just joined your group, much appreciated for all you do. I will try to follow the forum when I can.

samyukthak samyukthak 256 posts

Hi Mary, you are not alone. I just started moderating a group myself (artistic feminine drawings and paintings) and get zero response from the members. (I wish I could learn from you). The fact that you are getting replies shows that you are doing a really good job! If you are looking for constructive feedback, surely one of us will do so when required.
Also, we will drop by to say hello :)

kreativekate kreativekate 98 posts

Hi Mary, Just dropping by the say hello! Thanks for all you do. :)- Kate

Christine Clarke Christine Clarke 833 posts

Hi Mary, yes, sorry, I am a lurker, I have read many,many of your forum posts, sometimes agree, sometimes not, but I always find your topics are both interesting and informative. I am not someone who enjoys getting involved in arguments,so tend to not comment when I don’t agree with someone’s posting.
Believe me, Mary, I really recognise all of your very hard work in the groups and I really respect and appreciate your very hard work and keeping the groups interesting and other lurkers MUST feel the same way as I do.

marlene veronique holdsworth marlene veroni... 133 posts

Hi Mary – thanks so much for the effort you put into this group – it is really appreciated!

SueDeNym SueDeNym 165 posts

I think being a host can be a bit like being a mother:) You are fantastic Mary!
I hear your cry though as a new host myself(and mommy)
MWAH- for all you do!!!

Mary Sedici Mary Sedici 6168 posts

♦ Hello Ayan dear – thank you for your support ♥
♦ Ivana – you are so right, I totally agree with you. As simple appears at the first glace, rb is not easy at all. A lot of learning, but it also fun.
This is also the reason I posted so many tutorials. If anybody has questions, they are always welcome to ask.
♦ Hannah, I am glad you find the informations useful; thanks for posting
♦ Kay dear – welcome to the group. YOur wonderful gallery will be a great addition to our art collection. Thanks for posting ♥
♦ Samyukhta dear – I understand your point of view. Some members are silent participants, called lurkers The word doesn’t sound very nice, but in the web world this is how bystandars are called.
A group activity can be measured in number of members and works submitted to the group; participation in challenges (works and votes) and views. This is why I consider views as much rewarding as posted comments. Thanks for your support :)