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Elena Oleniuc, Vic King, Debbie Shiff --- May 25th, 2010

Mary Sedici Mary Sedici 6151 posts

Work Chosen as BEST IN SHOW- May 25st 2010

Ritual, by Elena Oleniuc
Acrylic on Canson paper

Elena Oleniuc — Brasov, Romania

Zulu warrior maiden, by Viv King

portrait done in a workshop of a beautiful African maiden. When I took it home to work on it I fancied I saw into her past and saw some Zulu warriors with shields.

Viv King --Cape Town, South Africa
I paint because I love it. Plain and simple!
I love light and colour. These two things inform my work. I am largely self-taught but have studied painting and drawing with various teachers over the years since I began to take art-making seriously after the birth of my children. When my eyes “opened” I have been consistently trying to capture and express that light in any way that inspires me, whether it is using oil/canvas (my preferred medium) or charcoal and graphite on any surface I can lay my hands on.
Recently I was asked to participate in an international project, “Landfill art” , creating art from abandoned car hubcaps.(http://www.landfillart.org)

Live in the moment for that is all we have.

Nelson Rholihlahla Mandela, by Debbie Schiff
Watercolour on 300gsm Aqua watercolour paper and w/n paints.

Son of Africa, the international symbol for hope, love for life, people and humility, without animosity you unselfishly & silently fought for your principles. You sacrificed the best years of your life so that all South Africans could celebrate the glory of democracy. You are a man among men, respected and admired the world over.

Thank You Madiba

Debbie Schiff - Johannesburg, South Africa
live in South Africa and share a deep love for the ‘African bush’, wide open spaces and wild animals.
Creativity is a gift I was blessed with.I have not always utilised it to my fullest potential, but recently I have started taking it a little more seriously.
Painting is my passion….. and watercolours is my preferred medium. I also enjoy photography which goes hand in hand with painting but I don’t profess to be a photographer… it comes from the heart. I have dabbled a bit in pastels, acrylics, pencil drawing, calligraphy, ceramics and anything creative.

limon limon 33 posts

great chose…

BettyHermann BettyHermann 4716 posts

Congratulations to Elena, Viv and Debbie on this very well deserved success!!!

Excellent choices Mary, dear!!!

Mary Sedici Mary Sedici 6151 posts

Thank you limon and Betty for stopping by; I am so very glad you like the chosen works..

lanadi lanadi 164 posts

Very well chosen all of them, love the watercolor portrait especially!

FranEvans FranEvans 498 posts

Congratulations to all.

Elena Oleniuc Elena Oleniuc 347 posts

Thank you very much, Mary !
Thank you Elisabeta ! Thank you to all !
Congratulations to Viv and Debbie ! Wonderful works !

Mary Sedici Mary Sedici 6151 posts

@ Hello Lanadi, I am glad you like the chosen work

@ Fran dear, it is so nice to know I have sucha great supporter as you :)

@Elena, my friend- your works are so beautiful, you deserve all the recognition

Arturas Slapsys Arturas Slapsys 291 posts

Congratulations to all !!!

Mary Sedici Mary Sedici 6151 posts

Hello Arturas my dear. I am so glad to see you. I really missed you for the last couple of days:)

Debbie Schiff Debbie Schiff 106 posts

This is such a surprise and I do apologies as I was totally oblivious that I had been selected for ‘Best in Show’
25th May. I truly appreciate all your effort and hard work Mary. Thank you ever so much.
Well done to Elena and Viv (a fellow S African). I feel truly honoured to be featured with these artists.

Elizabeth Kendall Elizabeth Kendall 2541 posts

Congrats Debbie!! Very well done!!!

Mary Sedici Mary Sedici 6151 posts

Debbie dear, it is no need to appogize. I am just sorry you did not see your work on the Grop’s Home Page. Looked gorgeous.
@ Hello Elizabeth. Nice to see you here. Thanks for stopping by.

Maree Clarkson Maree Clarkson 3471 posts

The biggest of congratulations Debbie, very well deserved for a beautiful painting!

buckthesystem buckthesystem 20 posts

Hi everyone. I totally missed this and feel so bad about not adding my congratulations to Debbie and Elena. I have been offline for a while but hopefully I will be more active from now on. Thank you so much for the honour!