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In Association with Solo-Exhibition

GRAND SHOW 12th October

Beatrice Cloake Beatrice Cloake 9340 posts

Are you surprised to have so many of them in this group? I am not! You are posting the most incredibly beautiful art that any hosts would wish!

Thank you and congratulations to you all. Your page will be on display on Painters Academics on Facebook

The Immense and Contemptuous Surges….
by Janis Zroback

by Roz McQuillan

Porsche 917 LH 24 Le Mans 1971 Seiffert Bell
by Yuriy Shevchuk

Hearts and Laces
by Paula Oakley

by Carole Russell

Glory of Autumn, Millington Woods
by Glenn Marshall

Green Tree Dragon
by Lynnette Shelley

Great Southern Land Warrior
by Tahnja

Nude on yellow chair
by Guntis Jansons

Afternoon stroll
by Roman Burgan

by BarbBarcikKeith

by Karin Zeller

Creek in October
by Julia Lesnichy

by Hidemi Tada

Poinsettia Magic
by Sherry Cummings

July in Florence
by JennyArmitage

by Brian Scott

Adsum House
by MattCole

Bertie's Bevy
by Lynda Robinson

Another World 1
by ValiaUS

Mandarin Duck
by lanadi

Pat Yager Pat Yager 95 posts

What a powerful Grand Show, Beatrice! Superb artists!

Ruth S Harris Ruth S Harris 145 posts

A beautiful selection Beatrice, congratulations to everyone included!

Karin Zeller Karin Zeller 130 posts

Such a lovely collection; so honoured to be included. Thank you , Beatrice; congratulations to all the other artists !

Hidemi Tada Hidemi Tada 213 posts

thank you so much dear Beatrice. you gave me another honor. really appreciated
and congratulations to all other wonderful artists.

Lynda Robinson Lynda Robinson 3174 posts

The ’Wow’word seems so inadequate today! There are some extremely gaspworthy works on display in this Grand Show Beatrice!! (I am EXTREMELY honoured to see ‘Bertie’ and his ladies in amongst them)! I cannot stop looking at the eyes in ‘Groupie’ and ‘Brassy’, and the sky in ‘Afternoon Stroll’. The skill of the artists on this entire page is amazing.

JennyArmitage JennyArmitage 90 posts

Thank you Beatrice. A beautiful selection as always.

©Janis Zroback ©Janis Zroback 7995 posts

Thank you so much…the features are wonderful…

Julia Lesnichy Julia Lesnichy 10 posts

Thanks for showing my work in such a beautiful show!

Brian Scott Brian Scott 52 posts

Thank youfor including my drawing .

Roman Burgan Roman Burgan 112 posts

beautiful works, congratulation to all artist and I feel honored to be among them! thank you!

Beatrice Cloake Beatrice Cloake 9340 posts

Thank you all for your supportive comments and backing our group so well!

Carole Russell Carole Russell 137 posts

Honoured thank you Beatrice :)

ValiaUS ValiaUS 5 posts

Beatrice, I would say directly: I am blessed to know you. Intriguing works, honored to be here! Et aussi il ne faut pas oublier le francais:)