In Association with Solo-Exhibition

  • Before Barbed Wire #2 by Susan Bergstrom
  • New Horizons Undecided by Margaret Stockdale
  • Controlled Freedom by helene ruiz
  • Weeping Willow Creek by John Cocoris
  • With Head in the Clouds by Anna Miarczynska
  • Joan and Nancy's trip to the seaside by Paula Oakley
  • Splendor At Half Moon Island by Phyllis Beiser
  • study head after Rembrandt by Hidemi Tada
  • Unbridled Joy by bevmorgan
  • Iris by Valentina Gatewood
  • Pointing Elf Jester On A Unicorn by WildestArt
  • Anne. Oil on linen on board 2016 by Elizabeth Moore Golding
  • Along The South Downs Way by Paula Oakley
  • Dream Time Daisies by Linda Callaghan
  • Tropical shawl by Freda Surgenor
  • Eagle Totem by Michelle Tracey
  • La Diosa de Predicciones, Tiempo y Clima (The Goddess of Predictions, Time and Weather) by helene ruiz
  • Shades of Autumn by David Snider