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Painted Nature & Objects - No People or Abstracts

Painted nature ~ Real & Make Believe! No People or Abstracts

Features and some group news - 2013/03/02

Qnita Qnita 5551 posts

Hello everyone! Here is the stunning features of this month. Congratulations to everyone!! Remember to enter your feature to this challenge: MARCH 2013 featured work in a challenge!
If you enter the challenge, you HAVE TO VOTE… If you plan not to vote in the challenge, then please don’t enter it.

The group has started two new Forums.
Editors Monthly Choice. It will be on themes like Landscape of the month… etc. Only works already submitted to the group will be featured on this page. 10 Features for each month.

This month’s editors choices is done, and you can view them here:
Editors Choice For March 2013

Here is the link to this month’s members’s choices. Please pop over and play with… :-)


Terri Maddock Terri Maddock 3185 posts

Congratulations everyone – great gallery of artworks!

Sue Nichol Sue Nichol 2767 posts

Thank you so much for my feature, such a lovely collection.

Sue Nichol Sue Nichol 2767 posts

Thank you so much for my feature, such a lovely collection.

Ivana Pinaffo Ivana Pinaffo 872 posts

Thanks so much for including one of mine and congratulations to all

ienemien ienemien 708 posts

A Beautiful Collection!! Qnita thanks so much!! I like that….
For everyone here Congrats!!! and and please write in the forom what your favorite art is!! Bye ien

Val Spayne Val Spayne 461 posts

Thank you for including my little Robin in this beautiful and diverse galery. Congratulations to everyone.

WILT WILT 62 posts


that was quick! thank you.
Cathy Gilday Cathy Gilday 386 posts

Many thanks for including one of mine amongst these amazing pieces Qnita! Congrats to all featured artists!

Qnita Qnita 5551 posts

Thanks Ien for participated in: MEMBERS’S CHOICES FOR MARCH 2013

Come guys and girls!! Go and make your choice… :-)

Sean Seal Sean Seal 9 posts

Thanks for including me. Great work everyone!

maggie326 maggie326 1174 posts

wonderful selection Qnita Congrats to all Thanks for including my work

Michael Beckett Michael Beckett 101 posts

great company to be in… thanks for choosing my artwork! :o)

hickerson hickerson 12 posts

Thank you for inlcuding my painting in this lovely collection.

MaeBelle MaeBelle 258 posts

WOW,Qnita♥ what a collection, thank you for including my red grosbeak, Congrats to everyone. wonderful work! :o)) God Bless,Mae

Vivian Eagleson Vivian Eagleson 75 posts

Beautiful works of art! I’m very honored that my painting was included.

Sally Griffin Sally Griffin 3742 posts

a wonderful display of color!! congrats to all, and thanks for including one of my watercolors!

Geraldine M Leahy Geraldine M Leahy 339 posts

Lovely features, everyone!

Jerry Kirk Jerry Kirk 140 posts

Thank you for the feature and congratulations to all of the artists!

EnPassant EnPassant 25 posts

Such variety! Thanks for the feature.

WoolleyWorld WoolleyWorld 65 posts

Thank you and salutations!

linmarie linmarie 2147 posts

Congratulations everyone.. and what an amazing gallery of inspiring artworks.. I am thrilled to be included.. peace, love, light and inspiration to everyone!

bevmorgan bevmorgan 308 posts

Such a marvelous collection of works. Congratulations to all here.

Sally Griffin Sally Griffin 3742 posts

I am sooo impressed! A beautiful display or work!!!!

©Janis Zroback ©Janis Zroback 8058 posts

Thank you so much for including my work with these wonderful features…