Cats and Dogs – Paintings and Photographic Art - *ONLY DOMESTIC CATS AND DOGS*

Group Rules:

Welcome to Cats and Dogs – Paintings and Photographic Art

Only Domestic Cats and Domestic Dogs

NO SNAP SHOTS of any kind. Snapshots will be rejected without further explanation.


TRADITIONAL MEDIUM: oils, acrylics, watercolors, pastels, collage, gouache, tempera, ink, charcoal, crayons or mixed media by hand only

2. Artwork must be original to you

3. Artwork must be finished work that you are proud of.

4. Challenges: Artwork must have been accepted into the group to enter;
and may be removed at any time, for non-compliance, including during voting.

5. Works are moderated. Hosts will accept or reject images.

6. We reserve the right to use your image for a group challenge, for features, forums, avatar, showcases of featured members and promotion of your work

7. Works with writing on them will not be accepted. However, writing which is an integral part of a background in a ‘fine’ artwork may be considered.
Writing ‘up front’ as part of a card design is not acceptable. There are many other groups where works specifically intended as cards are accepted.

8. If a member is creating disturbing disruption or is openly confrontational, the hosts may remove the member after fair warning.

10. Ideally 2- 3 submissions a day.


“A snapshot is popularly defined as a photograph that is “shot” spontaneously and quickly, most often without artistic or journalistic intent. Snapshots are commonly considered to be technically “imperfect” or amateurish—out of focus or poorly framed or composed. Common snapshot subjects include the events of everyday life.

If you abide by the above guidelines, we can guarantee that you will never receive a ‘rejection’ notice from our hosts!