Painting with light

A home for anyone who likes to paint with light.

Recent Work

  • Steampunk - The joy of technology by Mike  Savad
  • Carpentry - Tools - In my younger days  by Mike  Savad
  • Boat - Abstract - Fit to be tied by Mike  Savad
  • Great Balls of Fire by MarianBendeth
  • abstract montreal night by MarianBendeth
  • Fireworks fizzling by MarianBendeth
  • Americana - Radio - Remember what radio was like by Mike  Savad
  • Country - Landscape - Lazy meadows by Mike  Savad
  • Steampunk - Blimp - Airship Maximus  by Mike  Savad
  • Flower - Orchid - Laelia - Midnight Passion by Mike  Savad
  • Electrician - A collection of oil lanterns  by Mike  Savad
  • Police - Gun - Mr Fancy Pants by Mike  Savad

About This Group

Painting with light can produce fantastic images, whether its wire wool, fibre optics , neon lights or simple sparklers. The opportunities are endless.

Contest ideas always welcome & please post techniques if you like.

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