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Illustrate-me an EXPRESSION - feelings or Moods -

Group Rules:

Traditional, Digital Art and PhotoART (no snap shot)

_Traditional Arts include : Oils, Acrylics, Watercolors, Ink (not pen ink as bic), Drawings using graphite pencils, colored pencils, charcoals sticks)
(Digital Art include all ART that is made by computer)

Photography and Digitally enhanced photographs. Must be Artistic_

And please submit ART that you are proud of.
Look at the homepage…

1 – NO NUDITY or SAFE FILTERS (wanna be for everyone including youngsters – and there is a lot of other groups that accepted nudity)

2- No foul language or other offensive materials

3- For Copyright Protection NO LYRICS would be accepted in the description
Please note that song lyrics are usually protected by copyright and should not be reproduced in an artwork or in the artwork description without the permission of the copyright holder. For the protection of the copyrights (Sorry that is something that I really observe – I don’t do it to other – other won’t do it to me) So no part of the lyrics in the description would be accepted no more

4 – 20 ARTS Max – 5 T-SHIRTS Max – No writing – No journal

7 – Should follow the Redbubble rules

8 – If your ART gets rejected, PLEASE don’t take it personally. A LOT of y’all paintings are awesome! Y’all put so much of Heart in them.
But We want a group that is Different than all others with quality artworks.

That is why All newer work that are not an IDIOM, PROVERB, QUOTE or SONG will be rejected with the reason: We think the work may be better suited to other groups. We’ll be happy to consider other works you submit to the group, provided they meet the guidelines and content requirements for inclusion.

9 – Be creative and have fun