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Recent Work

  • Mielikki and the bears by fairychamber
  • Samhain  - 2009 by Leah McNeir
  • nada by titus toledo
  • Ori by ururuty
  • We'll Leave The Light On..... by WildestArt
  • Vikings. Ragnar by ururuty
  • Muscari by WildestArt
  • Myth of Callisto by fairychamber
  • Creative Fantasies by Maddy Storm
  • Energetic Geometry - Solar Blessing by Leah McNeir
  • The Writhing by Sean Phelan

About This Group

This is for all you Pagans ,Druids,with the love of Nature and all thing involved with the Pagan World. All your pictures of Mother Nature, Candles, The Moon, Standing Stones, Burial Chambers, Spells, Herbs, Hedgerows, Trees, Lakes etc.
No Full Nudes!


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