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Recent Work

  • Doorway, Buenos Aires by John Douglas
  • Daughter of the Goddess by Rowan  Lewgalon
  • A PLace On The HOrizon by Graeme M
  • Crimson Witch by Sharon Poulton
  • Girls & fish, surrreal art, underwater art, acrylic painting, blue shades by clipsocallipso
  • Valkyrie by chihuahuashower
  • feelings by ururuty
  • Moonlight Ritual Star Dancer  by Leah McNeir
  • Its time for your meds by John Ryan
  • Adam and 2 Eves by 1oldman
  • Resurrection by Nec-romancer
  • Fairy Wings by chihuahuashower

About This Group

This is for all you Pagans ,Druids,with the love of Nature and all thing involved with the Pagan World. All your pictures of Mother Nature, Candles, The Moon, Standing Stones, Burial Chambers, Spells, Herbs, Hedgerows, Trees, Lakes etc.
No Full Nudes!


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