Out of the Box!

A group dedicated to the "Out of the frame" Effect

Recent Work

  • What we think, we become !  by Bine
  • .......and what a nebulous day it was !  by Bine
  • Worshipping the Moon by Bine
  • That's A Fiery Relativity by Bine
  • Bonsai by John Thurgood
  • Oh No! That Cat is Still There! by Heather Friedman
  • It's Your World by Bine
  • Dirty Cutiepie by Bine
  • Yiiiiiiiikes - there's a bug in my salad !  by Bine
  • Beetle Mania by Bine
  • Can I come in by missmoneypenny
  • Oh, the Ocean !  by Bine

About This Group

This group is for “Out Of Bounds” effect work and tutorials, please share methods, results and photos with other RedBubble users.

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