Only Flies

Dedicated to showing that flies are more than just a nuisance

Recent Work

  • Sciadocera rufomaculata by Andrew Bonnitcha
  • Lauxinad Fly(Rhagadolyra magnicornis ) by Andrew Bonnitcha
  • Flies Head  by relayer51
  • Mating Flies by relayer51
  • Insect Extreme Macro Fly With Pollen by MrBennettKent
  • Hoverfly ,  Volucella Zonaria . by relayer51
  • Black Tiger Bee Fly by Sheryl Hopkins
  • Hover fly on Touch-Me-Not Flower by Sheryl Hopkins
  • Untitled by Josh Gudde
  • Hoverflies Bottom by relayer51
  • Lovely Long Legs by Fred McKie
  • Hovering Hoverfly by relayer51

About This Group

Flies get a bad deal in life, swatted, sprayed, cursed at, but in reality many of them are important pollinators alongside bees and are essential for helping to dispose of dead and decaying matter. Some flies are exceptionally beautiful, take the hover fly for instance. Without flies the world would be much smellier and a sadder place to live!
This group is for TRUE FLIES only; that is, ones belonging to the order Diptera. This order includes:
Bee flies
Blow flies
Bottle flies
Crane flies
Deer flies
Flesh flies
Horse flies
House flies
Hover flies
March flies
Moth flies
Robber flies
*And they must be ALIVE!*

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