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! One Tree at a Time (not trees)

Group Rules:

Only high quality natural color, black and white, sepia or IR photographs, please. Artistic and photographic qualities are always an important element.

Our intent through your images is to highlight the beauty of the tree and its surrounding

not a showcase for possible effects (e.g., layering, Orton effect) achieved through Photoshop or other like utilities. *Normally such altered images will be returned with the suggestion that they are more appropriate to other groups*. Photo editing—What the eye and the camera see are often two different things. Editing contrast, for example, to reproduce what you believe you saw is in; works manipulated in Photoshop or similar utilities works which look “over-the-top” usually will not be accepted. PLEASE, No digital manipulation (e.g., no inserted items, layering, selective coloring, Orton effect). No borders over image, please.

The portfolio’s emphasis is upon the whole tree. Yet a broad range of images is present within the portfolio and from time to time close-up images may be be accepted particularly if novel or of special artistic merit.

Normally images focusing upon leaves especially closeups are a better fit with our sister group Leaves

Ordinarily photographs of birds perched on a twig or limb fall outside the collecting interests of the Group’s portfolio; such are more appropriate to one of the Bird Groups

Filters on lenses are acceptable.

Photographic images of tree art—normally only captures of sculpture pieces exhibited in public places accepted; photographic images of tree paintings and prints will not be added to the Groups’ portfolio. Images of tree paintings and prints are a better fit with our sister group “TREES”:

No text on image, please. If one can see text, it will not be accepted except unobtrusive name/copyright in a lower corner.

A short statement of the photographer’s intent is welcomed but not mandatory.

Details of the photograph exposure, focal length, F-stop, and ISO are welcomed but not mandatory.


Other submissions which will not be accepted include off topic and adult theme images including nudity.

All constructive comments are welcomed but especially those of viewer reaction and queries which promote a dialog of learning. Bubblemail offers a channel for fuller dialog or other exchanges more appropriate to that personal channel.

Submission of photographs to the group includes consent to use the images in group activities including Featured Works, Messages, Contests, Challenges.