! One Tree at a Time (not trees)

Photographs with a single tree (not trees)

Recent Work

  • We'll walk this path together by Ellen Cotton
  • Fallen by Michael  Herrfurth
  • Lone Tree on Busby Head, Whangarei by lezvee
  • Prelude to a Sunrise by Richard Bozarth
  • Daylight by Richard Bozarth
  • Sunrise #2 by Richard Bozarth
  • Van Goghish Moon by Richard Bozarth
  • Just Nature by trish725
  • Abstract tree by Francisco Martin Falcon
  • Desert Tree by Dave Cauchi
  • Of canopies and clouds by indiafrank
  • "Gloaming At The Rocks" by Phil Thomson IPA

About This Group

The single tree has long been the subject of landscape captures. The growing portfolio is an encyclopedia of ideas for the lone tree photographer; a feast for the eyes of the viewer. Whether the tree is the primary subject or secondary one, photographs of a single tree—sapling to mature, living or petrified are welcomed. The photograph should normally include sufficient tree surroundings to allow the viewer to peruse the beauty of the tree and its setting/location. Some photographs of the lone tree (or major part trunk, limb) may be accepted with another or other trees as long as the lone tree PREDOMINATES in height or mass at the moderator’s discretion. Sometimes a coin toss may be the determination of what is accepted in a tough choice. Errors of omission and commission can occur. Capturing objects in nature can be extremely challenging—-the lone tree is no exception.

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