Old Farts of RB: 1 per day, High Quality!!

Group Rules:

1.) Adhere to the Redbubble Community Guidelines

2.) Please, NO nudity, even with a safe filter, or examples of violence, etc.
Hosts retain the right to remove images from the Group.

3.) Please, no more than 1 upload per 24 hours, per person! Thank you!

4.) QUALITY art and photos, please!! That means no on-the-fly snapshots that take no thought. Please be thoughtful in your photo and art submissions, and only submit your best work! And work done in simple Paint programs will very likely not be high quality enough, as those programs don’t allow you to do the kind of higher quality work many other programs do. You can submit a piece and see if we take it, but you need to realize that it may be rejected.

5.) NO quick, spur-of-the-moment family snapshots that should go into a regular photo album instead!
The only family photos that will be allowed are portraits of individuals, where it is obvious that real effort and thought was put into the taking of the shot! Make it look professional if you want it accepted into the group! Thanks!

6.) ORIGINAL work only, no reproductions of others’ work…..we want to see what YOU can do….and that means not just copying someone else’s work.

7.) NEW: As of Jan. 20, 2012, Journal Entries are now allowed! (woot woot!) Just PLEASE keep ’em clean! NO cussing, or news/discussion of anything not G-rated! And try not to overdo the number of them you submit, please….one per week would be good, and certainly no more than 2 per week!

Note: as all artists are different, so too are the hosts. Everybody’s tastes are different. Someone may think a work is great art and another question whether it is art at all. Point is that we judge a work on its own merit, not on the basis of what other people think. Your two hosts work hard to be all-inclusive in their selections. We ourselves come from different artistic backgrounds but we have compatible judgments (or tastes).