Traditional Oil Painting (TOP)

in Association with Solo Exhibition

Recent Work

  • "Ripe Fruit & Empty Bottles" by Dragonzfly
  • Work in progress, More Time dyptich I by Cameron Hampton
  • Half Moon Bay 2 by Roz McQuillan
  • Cocktails oil painting by Monika Howarth
  • Into The Blue by Sue Nichol
  • There was a time.. by David Snider
  • Traveling Light by Alan Taylor Jeffries
  • Warrigal after Spring Rain - Oil Painting by Alison Murphy
  • Portrait of Ben, oil painting on stretched canvas by Roz McQuillan
  • Church Ope Cove by Richard Paul
  • Espresso on Julia's Quilt by Jean Farquhar
  • Northern California Surf Building by TerrillWelch

About This Group

The Traditional Oil Painting group is for the painter who enjoys taking their time and testing their patience with the difficult medium of traditional oil paints. All oil painters are welcome so please join and share your artwork, ideas and expertise.

About Us:

Traditional Oil Paintings gallery presents Oil paintings, executed in traditional Oil medium.

This is a unique group which is newly associated with the Solo-Exhibition group, as of June 16, 2014.

Our companion website is

Our Forums:

Our forums serve as a place for exchange between members. They will be organized in useful topic groups, such as a library for master work oil paintings in the public domain; a place for ideas on techniques, mediums, and other concepts related specifically to painting in oil; and more.

Additionally, forums will have sections reserved for feature works and spotlight artist interview pages.

Our Workshops:

Solo Exhibition will sponsor an ongoing Oil Painting Workshop, where each of our Traditional Oil Painting members will be provided their own virtual studio in Solo’s group pages. Participants may work with their own references, or with fine images by photographers of Solo Exhibition, organized into catalogs by general subject or theme. Over time, the workshops will be the catalyst for exhibitions of work demonstrated in the artists’ studios.

Our Members:

Membership is composed of traditional oil painters in the RedBubble community; and, at this time, is open to all traditional oil painters for their traditional oil works. We may open a survey in the forums to discuss with the members the option of making the group invitation-only.

Our Hosts:

F.A. Moore, in Virginia, U.S.A., host of Solo Exhibition, will temporarily take hosting lead, while the group is in transition; but thereafter primarily work behind the scenes—website, workshops, branding, integration with Solo, etc.

Beatrice Cloake, in Kent, England, will lead Curation, based on her years of experience and long time love for painting in oils.

Terri Maddock lives in Australia. She is passionate about Oil painting.

Monica Vanzant, long time host of the Traditional Oil Paintings group, in New Jersey, U.S.A., will take on an advisory role as Member Liaison.


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