Oh Baby!

There's nothing more precious than a new baby...

Recent Work

  • Wonderfully Made by Sue Ellen Thompson
  • Miss Michaela 5 Months by Ella Hall
  • His Love.... by Amature2Pro
  • Teddy Bear Fun.. by Amature2Pro
  • Snug by Amature2Pro
  • Because I'm Happy by Amature2Pro
  • The beginning of something special by Amature2Pro
  • Love by GailD
  • Harley Davidson Babe by Amy Dee
  • Helmet Honey by Amy Dee
  • GENERATIONS OF LOVE by Spiritinme
  • LolaBell by Spiritinme

About This Group

New babies are so precious…

If you go ga-ga over beautiful babies then this group is for you! This is the place for stunning, thought out captures of babies (no snap-shots please)

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