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Nottingham and its Shire (UK)

A group for the county of Nottinghamshire in the middle of England, with its myths and folklore, history, rolling terrain, bustling city and rural villages. For locals to promote it and visitors to enjoy it.


  • Colourful Chaos by Lee  Gill
  • nice and gentle by craig wilson
  • I See Robin Hood! by Lee  Gill
  • Is Batman Home? by Lee  Gill
  • Walking The Path To Infinity by Lee  Gill
  • British Icon by Lee  Gill
  • Follow The Path by Lee  Gill
  • Grazing Time by Lee  Gill
  • Worksop-signal box and light by jasminewang
  • sunset by the lake by craig wilson
  • We shall remember by KMorral
  • Golden sky by KMorral
  • Factory tower by KMorral
  • Nov 15 no 12 by Bea Roberts
  • "FIRE!" by Bradley Shawn  Rabon
  • "Brother against Brother" by Bradley Shawn  Rabon
  • Big Wheel by KMorral
  • Jogger on the bridge. by naranzaria