It’s a tee. It’s a dress. It’s the new Graphic T-shirt Dress.

None of the above

Group Rules:

No more than three works a day in total.

Show us how you see the world around you. How does your humanism reflect the way you see the world?

Show us your images that challenge the way we look at the world or the people we share it with.

Please no landscapes, dogs, cats, crosses or churches. Exceptions to these will be at hosts discretion only if they feel some point about the world we live in is being expressed

Art or writing attacking agnosticism, or atheism will be removed. There are a huge number of groups on RB for spreading whatever word you want to spread, so spend your time wisely & don’t waste ours.

Equally debunking of myths & criticism of religion is fine, just don’t let it spill into insults & offensive behavior.

Submissions can be either written, photographic, tees or paintings, but if your work has been altered significantly please indicate how, and if possible explain how you’ve done this.

There is no upper limit of images for any individual member but the group pages will be kept to around 100. Pages will be culled from the back, you are welcome to re-submit any work removed from the group due to page limiting – subject to the daily limit.

By joining the group you agree to the hosts using an image as an Avatar for any Group Challenges.

No NSFW images please.

Please submit your best work.

NB journals will be accepted, but only if they relate to the group. So no I’ve just been featured ones please or we may just turn them off altogether.

NB The hosts will decide what is or isn’t offensive behaviour. There will be no rejecting of members just because they have said your God doesn’t exist.

Because you are offended does not mean what has been said is offensive.

There are plenty of groups where any religious opinions you have will not be challenged. You can safely assume this is not one of them.