None of the above

A group for people who need no ancient texts to command them to be good people

Recent Work

  • Kisses Galore xxx by TeaseTees
  • Renaissance Ghosts ~ (Stigmata Triptyche.) by Andy Nawroski
  • Polar Bakers. by Andy Nawroski
  • depth of feel by titus toledo
  • WHISTLEBLOWER~ by TeaseTees
  • superstar by titus toledo
  • NOTHING is the WHOLE by TeaseTees
  • Little Lightfoots of the Bird Skull Tribe. by Andy Nawroski
  • The Little Boy Who New To Much. by Andy Nawroski
  • mind egg by titus toledo
  • Morning Sex, Sadness; charcoal and chalk by pauldrobertson
  • Man on a Red Backgtound Smoking a Roll Up. by Andy Nawroski

About This Group

For many centuries mankind believed that many Gods controlled our destiny (polytheism) latterly the view is one God contols our destiny (monotheism) we go one stage stage further & say we control our own (atheism).

It’s our philosophy that we need no ancient texts to tell us how we should treat each other, or how our lands should be divided. The aim of this group is to provide a place for people of a humanist approach to life.

Show us your images that challenge the way we look at the world or the people we share it with. Please no landscapes, dogs, cats, crosses or churches. Exceptions to these will be at hosts discretion only if they feel some point about the world we live in is being expressed

Rather we look to how we can live together. Under that umbrella we welcome people of all faiths (though you may not find this a logical place for you) or none that can accept the simple fact we’re all in this together, and basically we should do our best to get on with each other.

This group will reject any member that sees it as a place for proselytising their faith, and equally people will be rejected that show absolutely no respect for others beliefs too. Myth debunking & criticism is fine, but we draw the line at insults & offensive behaviour.

NB The hosts will decide what is or isn’t offensive behaviour. There will be no rejecting of members just because they have said your God doesn’t exist.

Because you are offended does not mean what has been said is offensive.

There are plenty of groups where any religious opinions you have will not be challenged. You can safely assume this is not one of them.

Please see the rules for more info.

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