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Nine Inch Nails Fans & Art

A place for artists who are fans of the music of NIИ

Recent Work

  • Your halo is slipping down.... by shadowzone
  • Vakra Ragas by Yoshiwaku by edend
  • Drain Demon by shadowzone
  • And they won't hear you scream  by shadowzone
  • Underground by shadowzone
  • The Hand That Feeds by shadowzone
  • Drowning by shadowzone
  • Goodbye Blue Sky by Jay Taylor by Jay Taylor
  • Flying Rat Bird Without Head n°6 by edend
  • .oOIOo. by Jay Taylor
  • Déjà Vu by Jay Taylor
  • Cosmic by Jay Taylor

About This Group

If your artwork or artistic journey is or has ever been inspired by the music of NIИ, then your art and your presence is welcome here. All we ask is that you submit work with a general NIИ feel to it. Express yourself. Show us your Pretty Hate Machine and take us Into the Void. All art Genres are accepted and all NIИ fan art is welcome regardless of if it’s centered on the music or the man.

Work submitted to group MUST either have been inspired by Nine Inch Nails, be Nine Inch Nails fan art or somehow correlate to the theme of the group or it will not be accepted. If the work seems totally unrelated it will not be accepted.

If any members seem to be using the group as a dumping grounds for non relevant artworks, you will be removed from the group without notice. These non relevant artworks may include:

• Artwork which does not obviously follow the aesthetic theme inspired by Nine Inch Nails
• Artwork which is about other bands or musicians
• Photographs of children, pets or nature which do not pertain to the Nine Inch Nails aesthetic
• Anything which appears to have nothing to do with Nine Inch Nails, or which was not obviously inspired by Nine Inch Nails

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