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Night Photography - Reopened for Business

Group Rules:

There is a daily upload limit of 1 Art image / Clothing item per member per day, and a maximum of 10 images and 10 T-Shirts per member. Anyone uploading more than the daily limit, or having more than a maximum of 5, will have their additional works removed. Journal or writing uploads into Night Photography are allowed if they’re relevant to our group and according to the host’s discretion. If you would like anything relevant to this group publicized, please send me the information and I’ll enter it into a relevant forum on your behalf.

This group is not intended for portrait or candid photography of people and will not be accepted – there are plenty of other RB groups where that genre of photography can be uploaded. Please refer to above description abd featured works to further understand what this group is looking for.

Group Challenges are located here. There are about two each month to encourage you to improve your skills and expertise in our specific area of interest.
Forums are located here and Group News is here. There are various topics which you may like to contribute to, or have a question you need answered and where latest and ongoing Group news will be posted.
Promote our group by going here and copy then pasting to your other website.

Please ensure you upload the highest image quality possible, as I would like to ensure and continue a high standard of work in this group.

Works which are unfocused, overexposed or underexposed, grainy or have camera shake will not be accepted or removed from the group.

Works will be intermittently removed to encourage new uploads and freshness in our group.