Night Photography - Reopened for Business

This can include night, dusk, twilight or early dawn photographs of architectural content, including features such as piers, buildings, road transport and bridges.

Group Host Farewell and RB Goodbye_New Group Host/s applications Invited (locked)

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Many of you may or not be aware, that there has been what some would describe as controversial ‘content’ published on our site and allowed to remain. On various levels, both personally and professionally, I do not condone the material, what it is claiming to be or not to be, however it has been worded or presented.

I have decided not to remain on this site and would be interested to hand over the hosting of this great group which has grown considerably since it started it in 2007.

Night Photography is a huge passion for me and always will be, however I will not continue to promote our specialised area of expertise on this site. I have greatly enjoyed hosting this group and hope you continue to get out as much from it as I have both as a host and member.

Please do not reply to this, I invite you to send me a bubblemail if you are interested in discussing hosting our group with me before I hand over the reigns very shortly.

If there is not sufficient interest, I will request the group to be closed down, whereby other night related groups can be joined without a problem I am sure.

Thanks guys,