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Night Photography - Reopened for Business

This can include night, dusk, twilight or early dawn photographs of architectural content, including features such as piers, buildings, road transport and bridges.

Locations in Melbourne

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Hi all,

I have organised a meetup for Easter Monday in Melbourne. At the moment it will be three of us, RD, SteveDDay and myself, but the more the merrier.

Meet Point: Beach end of Dawson Ave, Brighton 3184.
Melways 67 C5

Time: 4PM Onwards

Possible places of interest for shooting or shooting from:

Elwood Pier

Life Saving Club

Foreshore Boardwalk

People on beach / boardwalk

Point Ormond

St. Kilda Marina

Elwood Park

The Esplanade Hotel

Jacka Boulevard
, this was taken from an overpass looking towards Fitzroy St.

Luna Park

St. Kilda Pier

If you have any concerns or other ideas, please don’t hesitate to
write me or contact me on 0413 430 422.



St. Kilda Foreshore

St.Kilda’s Jacka Boulevard Overpass

Josh Hakman.