Night Photography - Reopened for Business

This can include night, dusk, twilight or early dawn photographs of architectural content, including features such as piers, buildings, road transport and bridges.

Tips and help

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Hi everyone,

I’ve been looking at ways of improving or finding out new things for my own development and found the following site, if anyone is interested,

Have a look at this site

This is an example of what can be found on this site. Look for Bridges

If anyone else finds anything else or has any tips or pointers to share, let everyone know what it is.If you need help to do this please bubblemail me.

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Hi Joshua
I’ve just been into the site you mentioned, the first on night photography.

It’s great and had some really useful information.
So I’ve bookmarked it and will go back to it later on.
In the meantime, congratulations.

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Hi I went and did some night photography tonight and looked at my pics and some have turned out really grainy. How do I avoid that or what am I doing wrong to have this effect on my images? It only happens to some of them and not others?

opsdog opsdog 229 posts

Can you post one of the problematic images and the exposure information?

oddoutlet oddoutlet 540 posts

Ok for example- I went out tonight- conditions weren’t that great for a night shoot- cloudy and dark- but it was part of a photography get together so I went there to try and see what kind of shots I could get- I failed miserably with most of them turning out really grainy adn dark and sometimes out of focus, even though I used a tripod and a remote.

As with the picture below I was trying to get the cloud cover over the mountain.

Exposure: 1/15 secs
Focual Length 55mm

Manual Setting and the lense I used was a standard kit lens on Nikon D60
I know if there was more light coming from somewhere the image wouldn’t be so grainy but is there any other ways I can reduce the grainyness in low light conditions??

oddoutlet oddoutlet 540 posts

ha ha I do realise that this post is 2 years too late opsdog : )

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The lower your ISO setting, the lesser your grain or noise comes through. If you use at least ISO 100 & then step up your light exposure manually to get the image how you want… That is how I’d approach this, hope that helps mate.

oddoutlet oddoutlet 540 posts

Oh ok- hmmm I must be confused or something cos I always thought the higher the ISO the less noise there would be thats why I always had it around 400 or higher cos the little guide on my Nikon D60 suggest that at night or low light you use ISO 400 and above…but thanks I will experiment with a lower ISO next time.

JHP Unique and Beautiful Images JHP Unique and... 217 posts

Well have a look at my Night and Twilight compilation, Notice how there is no grain or noise… Try ISO 100 or 200 and compare the results.