**NIGHT OR LOW LIGHT**-NO dusk, dawn, twilight, sunrise, sunset or daytime pics

Group Rules:

*Night photography – Cityscape, Seascapes, Nature, fireworks and lightning
Low light photography-Still life. Portraits, Events
Controlled studio style lighting is not what we consider low light. Placing a black background behind the subject is not low light.
No sunsets, sunrises, dusk, dawn, evening, twilight or daytime photos.
If the warm colors of daylight show please submit your art elsewhere.
Typically photos with a dark background are not low light photos and will be rejected.
Limit 3/day
No Nudes
We will abide by Redbubble rules.
We want very good clarity, hosts will reject poorly executed works
Please include the EXIF shooting data in the caption

If your works are rejected please read the rules for the reason*

When we moderate your submissions and something looks amiss we read the description for an explanation. If you are shooting at 1/500sec and f11 using ISO 200 your not in low light.