This is the group for Newfoundland art, photography and writing.

Recent Work

  • Red Island Newfoundland by Cassandra Dolen
  • It's a Real Small Town by fixtape
  • Cabot Tower by Eunice Gibb
  • Shag Rock Sunset by Eunice Gibb
  • Ferryland Lighthouse by Eunice Gibb
  • Wreckhouse Winds by Cassandra Dolen
  • Boil Up by Marlene  Bowering
  • Cabot Tower by Glenn Esau
  • Man's Face in cliff side  by Michael Skeard
  • Newfoundland beach by Michael Skeard
  • The Battery St.John's  at night by Michael Skeard
  • Winterlude by Curtis  Sheppard

About This Group

This is the group for Newfoundland art, photography and writing.

Newfoundlanders this your place on the Bubble…

Newfoundland is one of the most visually arresting places on Earth. The rugged and treacherous coastlines give way only to the unforgiving North Atlantic Ocean. It is a coastline marked with lighthouses that act as ever watching sentinels to welcome weary travellers home. It is a land of beautiful & quaint coastal towns, villages and cities. Newfoundland is a land visited by frozen giants from the North that create a sense of awe when seen by human eyes as they float down what is known as “Iceberg alley”. It is a land visited by massive whales during the summer that attract multitudes to the shorelines. It is a land inhabited by a people who will welcome you with open arms. It is a land you need to visit.

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