New to Vintage. 2 a day.The group is closed

Group Rules:

If your work has been rejected, check the rules and guidelines. No correspondence will be entered into as to the reason why.
We are not a digital art group
We are a photographic group only .

A description of how you achieved the effect must be added , camera details, which programme used etc If there are no details it will be rejected.
Only new pictures made to look vintage will be admitted.(Not just Black & White )
Just adding textures doesn’t make a picture look vintage
Not just pictures of old things. they must have had work done on them to give a more vintage effect.
Vintage as in , period,classic, old world. aged-old, retro.
Work must be a new picture you have made to look vinatge No old photographs,or pictures taken in museums
No text on any work

What is a vintage photograph? What does the definition “vintage” mean? Just a few quick
descriptions of the various types of vintage photography and some links for further information on these points

Go here for examples of what we are looking for

If using added textures from a source other than your own, then you must give credit to the original artist and from what site the texture was obtained in the description of your submitted work. This can be done by simply adding a link.
No Phone cases

No pornography , but tasteful nudity will be accepted if approved.

2 a day Only

The Hosts decision is Final.